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Micro Invests Into Blue Chip Leadership Core
Micro Technologies fuels a five-year expansion strategy with blue chip industry leaders
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Quality Assurance Will Only Become More Critical In Next Decade Of Manufacturing, According To Micro Technologies
Micro Technologies welcomes the new Vice President of Quality, Rajas Joshi to the leadership team.
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MicroMed CR Hires Globally Renowned Med Device Executive To Help Capture Explosive Market Growth
With med device and med technology market share growing, Micro has obtained global executive, Dan Stemm as Senior Director of Business Development for Medical.
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Robots Will Enable The Future According to Micro Technologies
Micro Technologies has welcomed Toyota superstar, Tim Buschur to its executive team
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GM to release self-driving cars without steering wheels
The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is holding talks with General Motors Co (GM.N)...
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Driverless Electric Trucks Are Coming
They’ll Affect You More Than You Think.
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Boeing’s 737 Max crisis: Why the medical device industry should care
Let’s just say that airplane and medical device manufacturers have “substantially equivalent” problems. The crisis over the 737 Max tells us why.
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Bosch and Daimler get approval for Level 4 automated parking in Germany
It'll be put to use at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart.
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In ten years, you will not own a car….

The era of the internal combustion engine (ICE) car is ending. We may have reached “peak ICE” production this past year.
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Cadillac Super Cruise Expansion
Means 200,000 Miles of Hands-Free Driving
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Stable sourcing from “Tweet Free” Costa Rica
The economist writes on "The world according to Donald Trump". Micro offers sourcing from Costa Rica, and we're confident it provides stability that many regions don't offer right now.
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Here’s Why Autonomous Vehicles Will Need to Be Electrified
Autonomous vehicles will need more power than is available in today’s 12V electrical architectures.
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Automakers Are Rethinking the Timetable for Fully Autonomous Cars
A few years ago, the auto industry boldly predicted full, Level 5 autonomy would arrive in 2020 or 2021. But the task has proven more complex than they originally thought.
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China Building a Highway with Dedicated Lanes for Autonomous Vehicles
A new highway in China is being built that will have dedicated lanes for autonomous vehicles. The lanes reserved for self-driving cars will be built on a new freeway connecting Beijing and the Xiongan New Area in Hebei province.
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The Goodyear AERO
A Concept Tire for Autonomous, Flying Cars
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Our Capabilities
Forward thinking manufacturing deployed into the real world
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Amazon built an electronic vest to improve worker/robot interactions
Over the course of the last year, Amazon began rolling out a new worker safety wearable to 25+ sites.
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Micro – November Update
Our Monthly Newsletter
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Our Capabilities Documents
Micro's expertise is broad and deep
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Volvo Autonomous Trucks
Introducing Vera, the future of autonomous transport
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Micro September 2018 Update
The latest from manufacturing around the world
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Micro August 2018 Update
Our August Newsletter
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Bosch and NIO sign strategic partnership agreement
The Bosch Group and electric vehicle company NIO signed a strategic cooperation agreement
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Tesla to open Shanghai electric car factory, doubling its production
Elon Musk says first facility outside the US will build 500,000 cars a year
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Why Costa Rica is in the spotlight at MD&M East
Costa Rica currently has 96 companies that export medical devices
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3 Major Shifts Are About to Transform Manufacturing as We Know It
We are on the verge of transforming one of society’s most fundamental building blocks: manufacturing.
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Are Robo-Taxis the only way to get transportation off oil fast?
Shared, autonomous, electric vehicles could decarbonize transportation
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Printing the ‘soft’ robots of the future
Three-dimensional printing offers unique advantages, but still faces many challenges
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Chinese jumbo drone flies humans
Chinese startup Ehang has released footage showing its drone flying people.
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The Future of Transportation: Flying Cars, Hyperloop, and Virtual Worlds
Four revolutions in transportation are taking place this decade.
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This robot can solve a Rubik’s Cube in 0.38 seconds
The video, above, shows the cube in an unsolved position and then the actuators jump into action, slamming squares into place
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3D Printing in a Fraction of the Time
Originally appeared in Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory YouTube Channel on Dec 8, 2017
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Ultrafast 3D Printing Alternative Makes Complete 3D Objects in Seconds
Originally appeared in Singularity Hub on Dec 8, 2017
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Three Game-Changers for Manufacturing in 2018
Originally appeared in American Machinist on Dec 13, 2017
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84% manufacturing firms globally embraced software over hardware: Report
Originally appeared in Telecom by the Economic Times on Dec 16, 2017.
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Biosensors move to the point of care… and beyond
Originally appeared in Printed Electronics World on - Dec 11, 2017.
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Infographic: Forecasting the Future of 3D Printing
First appeared in Type A Machines on May 8, 2017
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