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Microlabs MicroLabs is the innovation arm of Micro purpose built to go beyond the incremental.

For over fifty years, Micro has proven itself capable of solving and over-delivering on some of the most complex projects in the industry. Today, the opportunity for innovation is vastly more exciting and we excel in solving new problems and re-thinking old ones through MicroLabs.

The MicroLabs’ approach to innovation delivered is seamless and integrated. We provide up to 10 solutions using every technology viable for every 1 challenge, and go beyond small incremental changes to find scalable and executable solutions that push the innovation spectrum for our clients. We are a complete in-house problem solving, solution design and manufacturing provider. Some companies provide innovative designs, and others still incremental improvement suggestions, but Micro fuses both the capacity to manufacture outcomes and the capability to design innovative solutions into one process, within a zero-defect environment.


In MicroLabs, we’ve implemented a process and approach to help digest the overwhelming volume of technology and innovation options available today and accelerate your adaptability for the future. Micro has transformed into a fully functional innovation and manufacturing house, integrated to ensure a seamless and easy experience for customers.


Practically speaking, where we differentiate is in our commitment to show our clients more options for their projects. The spectrum of innovative manufacturing options available today provides the scope to explore delivering more value, faster timelines, lower cost per part, and predictive logistics, even when not asked for…The MicroLabs team work closely on every project to go over and beyond in providing alternative solutions that utilize technology and innovation to solve the same problem.


More solutions to the same problem gives customers options to choose from, many of which provide significant improvements. It’s practical, usable, highly economical and a big part of what we call ‘Forward Thinking Manufacturing®’.

Innovation Study / 01 / VR & AR in Automation
Explaining SMARTER and MicroLabs
  • Focused to provide multi-option solutions to each design challenge
  • Generative design services
  • Unique engineering ecosystem cultivated for 10X design options in hours and days, not weeks and months
  • Additive and traditional manufacturing process analytics
  • Data acquisition and integration

MicroLabs Our proprietary process

We are a complete in-house problem solving, solution design and manufacturing company. To provide you more options to choose from, we integrate into every project the MicroLabs process using our proprietary methodology called S.M.A.R.T.E.R

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