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Forward Thinking


Micro / vivid vision Our Vivid Vision

Our Mission

To be the most innovative and forward thinking manufacturer in the world.

Our Vision

The Vivid vision is a future state. It’s Micro’s three year forward looking snapshot of where we are going and how we’ll get there. For Micro, we are intensely accountable to our Vivid Vision and so we share it with our team, clients, vendors and colleagues to bring them along for the journey. We believe the business is poised for fantastic growth as we build on our execution bias and put an even greater emphasis on innovation.

“Pound for Pound Champion
of Digital Manufacturing”


Pound for Pound

The first thing you’ll notice is that our purpose at Micro hasn’t changed. We are a forward thinking manufacturer and our vivid vision revolves around becoming the most forward thinking manufacturer in our space. But what does that mean? Well, when we consider the next three years, it’s about embracing the advancements taking place in our industry that will leave it forever changed, to add more value to OEM manufacturing challenges than ever before. At the centre of our Vivid Vision diagram, we’ve opted for the statement, “Pound for Pound Champion of Digital Manufacturing”.


You may wonder what we mean by this and why we chose it. Pound for pound is a ranking used in sports such as boxing wrestling, or mixed martial arts, of who the better fighters are relative to their weight. We needed a lens through which we looked at all our initiatives and KPIs that sparked thought, energy and conversation.


The other cliché statements didn’t sit right with us until we landed on “Pound for Pound Champion of Digital Manufacturing”. It’s gritty, driven and aggressive, and that defines our approach to digital manufacturing. We recognize that the most significant shift in manufacturing since the industrial revolution is here, and it’ll happen much quicker than most realize. We don’t want our clients left behind and so our goal is simple: To match up pound for pound against anyone in the industry.


To Clients
The Team Address

Vivid Vision Updates

Our monthly update on progress

Micro / vivid vision Our Values

At Micro, we are driven by culture. We hire, measure and manage on our quantifiably measured core values.

1 – Together we can change the world

We think big, set huge goals, and truly believe that together, we can change the game. Our passion is fueled by the notion that a single component, better designed and integrated into mass production, can shift the impact of new technology from interesting idea to global game changer.

2 – Challenge the norm – We are obsessed with finding a better way

For us, great just isn’t good enough. We are engineers at heart and have always made our mark by doing things better than others. From the start, we have taken work that others feared and we never give up until the answer is found.

3 – Nothing thrives without integrity

Integrity is not just a virtue. We believe it to be the tangible and key ingredient that binds us together. Integrity in our people means we keep our word every time we give it and when we can’t, we own it early. Integrity in our systems and processes means we keep them whole, singular, and capable. Integrity as a company means we honor our commitments, partners, and relationships, and always seek to do the right thing.

4 – If we cannot measure it, we can’t do it

We subscribe to the adage, “That which is measured is achieved”. That statement is used to govern the day-to-day running of Micro, and keep us focused on high payoff activities. Our business is black and white, and our way of working reflects it: Measure, define, improve. We don’t over-measure, but this fanatical discipline to always know the truth empowers us to know exactly where we stand on all fronts and how effective any improvement is in real time.

5 – Simplicity is genius

We pride ourselves on finding and building the most direct route to any solution. Our solutions are more cost effective and robust then our competitors, and are backed up by elegantly simple systems to ensure success. For us, perfection is obtained when there is nothing left to take away.

6 – We reward innovation, worship execution.

Everyone has ideas and plans, but what separates us from the pack is how well we execute those plans, even when things don’t go as intended. We train until failure and believe in being resilient and adaptive because while the goals don’t ever change, no plan is perfect. In these instances, we fail fast and adapt as needed to reach our goals on time. Execution to reach goals blinds us until we reach them.

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