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Forward Thinking


Micro / about About Micro

The world is changing and with it comes new technology and innovation that will break the boundaries of what we once thought possible. No industry is immune and we live in a time where these advancements are exponential. The limitations of yesterday are barely considerations for tomorrow, and it’s not just a shift in capability.

It’s a shift in thinking.

Problems we never dreamed solvable some fifty years ago, are now not only accessible, they are economical. Incremental thinking is being replaced by wholesale revolution, and at Micro, we know this first hand. For over fifty years, we have been solving the design and manufacturing challenges others could not. We’ve manufactured and delivered billions of flawless components to over thirty countries in industries where failure is not an option, and we excel in these environments of no compromise as the trusted provider for top tier OEMs.

Micro Timeline

  • 1965
    Business Started
  • 1975
    Multi-wire micro contact invented to create then world’s smallest hearing aid.
  • 1989
    Patented insertion head technology revolutionizes automotive airbag firing sensor, enabled insertion of 24 fine stampings directly into mold in less than molding cycle time.
  • 1995
    First UL approved all plastic safety sensor designed and introduced for gas fired HVAC applications.
  • 2002
    First “Direct-line” Automation built to reduce automotive throttle control unit assembly cost by 30%.
  • 2008
    Custom 500 Series pressure switch validated for use on 787 Dreamliner to control passenger safety O2 system.
  • 2013
    Medical device transfer program validated in Costa Rica with new tooling, automation, and manufacturing process.
  • 2017
    MTI moves into its new global base of operations in Coyol, Costa Rica
  • 2018
    Micro launches new global brand to house all operations.

Micro / About One company. One passion.
To do things better.

We exist, not only to manufacture componentry to the highest quality standards, but also to advance the implementation of new technology for the betterment of industry, and humanity. Where it cannot be done, we are committed to finding a way, and when it has been done, we find a better way. Our passion is fueled by the notion that:

A single component, better designed and integrated into mass production, can shift the impact of new technology from interesting idea to global game changer.

We invest heavily into uncovering the tools, technologies and innovations available with the single aim of helping our clients deliver smarter, smaller, safer and faster outcomes. Micro empowers you to re-think the products you engineer, and the componentry you make, to unpack greater value in multiple ways. With Micro, our clients are:

  • Actively using us to adapt to manufacturing innovations in ways that have bottom line impact.
  • Provided multiple costed out solutions to the same problem, to empower choice and decision based on innovation appetite.
  • Exposed to ideas on a scale unheard of in our industry. We go beyond the scope to deliver more.
  • Experiencing increased quality and performance on a lower cost per part, quicker timelines, all with predictive logistics control.

Today, we deploy the intelligence of innovation via our MicroLabs team to embrace the problems and challenges our clients bring to us, and implement those solutions in-house with flawless execution and precision via our MicroTech manufacturing facility.

Micro / about Innovating & Delivering;
Micro’s 2 Halves

One without the other is without purpose, and both make the other better. Our innovation is empowered by our commitment to execute. Our execution is improved by our innovative mindset.


At Micro, we build every component we ship, and design every solution in a holistic and customized way. We leverage our capability to uncover technological advancements that manufacture better, cheaper and faster parts for clients. The result is innovation and execution, all under one roof.

Our Process


Understand the need


Seamless integration via our proprietary s.m.a.r.t.e.r process.


Bringing manufacturing outcomes to life in budget, to spec and on time.


On time, with predictive logistics integrated

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