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Micro / career / Your career starts here Your Career Starts Here

Michael Tucci
Chief Executive Officer
M. Scott Morris
Chief People Officer


We do things differently.
Micro has a remarkable history, which emerged from the leadership and vision of our founder Gerry Tucci, and has continued and grown as guided by our President and CEO, Michael Tucci. As managers, our directive is to make this company unique and the best-in-class in anything we do. This is easy to say, but can be hard to do. And so, as a management team we have to operate differently. The company’s leadership meets every morning – an exercise in alignment. We are results focused rather than effort focused – an exercise in accountability. What makes this company different is that the company’s leadership has a sense of commitment and ownership that surpasses obligation. We all feel part of something greater, and as if we are key to building the future of the company.
Godfrey Ponteur
Finance & Administration Manager & Corporate Controller
Coyol, Costa Rica
Our employees stay with us.
One of the things that I’m most proud of in myself is my work ethic. When I came to Micro, nearly 23 years ago, I found a bunch of people who felt just like I do. I started at an entry level position and quickly moved up the within the company. My current job is strategic sourcing, but I’ve had the opportunity at Micro to utilize my educational and professional skills in quality, metallurgy, finance, and all aspects of the manufacturing process. I’ve stayed with the company this long because I have been rewarded with lifelong friendships and the chance to grow. If you are an employee who ‘gets the job done’, there are lots of opportunities here
Gary Hock
Strategic Purchasing Manager
Pompano Beach, FL
We are a diverse, international company.
One of the most important things that we make in Micro are satisfied customers! Every day, I work as part of a team across two states and two countries. No matter what industry, country, language, or challenge, serving my customers is what matters. I always try to go the extra mile and give customers more than they expect. I’m proud to work at Micro and to be part of an international team who does the same
Monica Gordon
Customer Service Representative
Pompano Beach, FL
We have an impact on others.
I like to think about where our products go after we make them. We build important components that go into airplanes, cars and in medical devices. I have worked at Micro for more of 10 years. It is a special company and I love the people I work with. I know what I do makes a difference.
Carlos Hernandez Rojas
Maintenance Mechanic Coyol,
Costa Rica

MICRO / CAREERS Values Matter!

Most companies have company values. It doesn’t take much to turn those values into posters but one thing that makes Micro different is our belief that values should be woven into everything we do. Our values are integrated into hiring, management, performance and reward. We expect each employee to understand and apply them in their daily actions and when they face challenges.
  • Believe that together, we can change the world.
    Dream big. Set huge goals. Don’t fear failure.
  • Challenge the status quo and be obsessed with finding a better way.
    Never settle. Look for an opportunity every day to ask is there a better way?
  • Always do the right thing.
    Recognize that nothing thrives without integrity, and that it binds us together because it builds trust.
    Own your failures. Learn.
  • Make it simple.
    Simplicity is genius. But being simple doesn’t mean simplistic. Take the most direct route to solving a problem.
    Find an elegant solution. Get it done and then build on it.
  • Reward innovation & worship execution.
    Big ideas without the ability to make them a reality are less meaningful. So is doing things like everyone else.
    Celebrate brilliance that is realized.

Success Looks Like

We know what success looks like because we’ve taken time to envision and to define it. We call it our Vivid vision and it is an expression of the targets that we have set, using specific and measurable criteria.

download the vivid vision brochure

MICRO / CAREERS Working at Micro

The benefits of working at Micro are clear

We offer a competitive benefits package for our employees. These benefits packages are specific to the countries in which we operate. We regularly re-evaluate our offerings to ensure that the needs of our employees are met.
At Micro, we work hard, but we value finding the balance between enjoyment at work, and enjoyment outside of work. Each worker gets his or her birthday as an extra day of vacation with pay! Other benefit include:

Health Benefits
  • Medical and dental insurance
  • Annual onsite health fair with large discounts for health services.
  • Onsite medical clinic:
  • Doctor and Nurses o Physical therapy
    • Nutritionist
    • Ergonomist
  • Transportation (100% paid by the company).
  • Food service (almost ₡1,000 per meal paid by the company).
  • Individual training plans.
  • Scholarships (100% paid by the company).

Career Opportunities

We ideate, design, produce, and ship all over the world. We serve industrial, aerospace, automotive, and medical customers, and we’re a vertically integrated manufacturer. That means that from molding plastics, to precision milling, to cleanroom operations, to assembly, we can be a single solution-provider for our customers. As an employee at Micro, you can find a rich and fulfilling career in a lot of different areas.

  • Design engineers
  • Automation engineers
  • Manufacturing engineers
  • Process engineers
  • Tool makers
  • Mold designers
  • Technical operators
  • Testing & product integrity inspectors
  • Quality engineers
  • Quality inspectors
  • Production supervisors and team leaders
  • Supply chain
  • Logistics
  • Planning
  • Warehouse
  • Materials handlers
  • Direct sales
  • Sales engineering
  • Customer advocates
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Learning & Development


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