Sourcing Advantages



Our Costa Rica operations provide the following advantages:

  • Central United States Time Zone
  • Easy access to major US airports, ports, and ground transportation
  • Redundant means of transfer: air, water, and ground
  • Availability of two major seaports (Atlantic & Pacific) within 50 miles and an international airport within 10 miles
  • Average shipping time to our U.S facilities is 5 days

MicroTechnologies is structured to deliver global service through efficient logistics. We've sited our major facilities to enable world-class communications, manufacturing and delivery. Our facilities feature redundant power sources, T1 fiber optic telecommunications and seamless data integration.

MicroTechnologies is headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida, United States. It is within easy access of multiple means of reliable transport and, from the United States, can be visited during a single day trip.  The strategic locatation of our primary manufacturing facility in Costa Rica, Central America enables MicroTechnologies to provide a cost-effective world-wide reach to customers everywhere.

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When selecting an "off-shore" partner, ease of communication is of utmost importance. By choosing MicroTechnologies, our customers enjoy "near shore" accessibility and availability which is not possible with far eastern manufacturers. We are fluent in both Spanish and English, have multiple means of virtual communications, and are within two hours of many US airports.