Switching & Sensing


New Carbon Fiber Position Sensing

Decades of supplying the electro-mechanical sensing industry has provided us with intimate knowledge of the limitation and opportunities associated with the technology. After years of research, MicroTechnologies has developed a unique electro-mechanical position sensor using Carbon Fiber technology. This breakthrough bridges the gap between the reliability and economics of contacting potentiometers and the performance capabilities of non-contacting devices.

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Custom OEM Solutions

Product design and customization has been a core service since its inception in 1973. MicroTechnologies' broad industry experience has given our team a unique body of expertise through which customer needs have been transformed into cost-effective, reliable control products.

Custom-designed MPL switches and sensors are used in many customer-specific embodiments such as:

  • Consumer Appliance
  • Oxygen Concentrators
  • Patient Monitors
  • Boilers
  • Warm air furnaces
  • Water heaters
  • Passenger cars
  • Earth movers
  • Drive train systems
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Office systems

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Standard Product Overview

Custom OEM Miniature Pressure Switches

MicroTechnologies designs and manufactures MPL™ brand miniature electro-mechanical pressure, vacuum and differential switches based on simple, reliable sensing techniques. Their robust design and long operating life make them ideal for monitoring and control of critical circuits.

Today, millions of MPL sensors and switches are used globally with applications covering completely diverse industries including medical, automotive, HVAC, household appliances and aerospace.



MPLTM Pressure Switches

MPL 500 Series

MPL 501 Series Pressure SwitchPressure, vacuum, and differential sensing, sensitive to as low as 0.10 in/H2O. excellent general purpose low pressure to electric interface for monitoring and control applications.

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MPL 600 Series

MPL 600 Series Pressure Sensors Pressure and vacuum sensing with snap-action switching for higher current capacity, SPDT contact form and switch deadbands.

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MPL 800 Series

MPL 800 Series Pressure SwitchesPressure and vacuum sensing with snap-action switching with snap action in an all-metal housing, designed for actuation between 10 psi and 250 psi.

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MPL 9370 Series

MPL 9370 Series Pressure SwitchPressure or vacuum, as low as 0.15 in/H2O. Switches up to 5A resistive (2.5A inductive) designed for use where reliable air proving is critical to both performance and customer safety.

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MPL 4100 Series

MPL 4100 Series Automatic Reset Pressure SwitchA media isolated automatic reset pressure switch, manufactured with a unique new calibration system which enables highly accurate settings from 1 bar to 45 bar, with lower hysteresis than conventional pressure switches.

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MPL Pressure Sensors

MPL 9390 Series

MPL-9391 Low Pressure SensorsLow pressure, variable output sensor, combining diaphragm and strain gage technologies to provide an economical but robust alternative to other transducers.

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MPL Push Button Switches

MPL 2000 Series

MPL 2000 Push Button SwitchA robust low-cost push button switch rated to 3/4HP, 13.8A suitable for a wide variety of switching applications such as indicating a door opening, detecting a device limit or switching off power when an appliance panel is removed.

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