Engineered Components


MicroTechnologies Engineering Team has offered world class design support since its inception fifty years ago. The Micro Technologies Engineering Team works with you to carry custom solutions from concept through production.  The earlier our Engineering Team get involved in the initial product design phase, the more effective our services become.

In order to provide the right solution, our Engineering Team offers:

  • Design Analysis Capabilities
  • Mechanical 3D Design & Modeling
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Sensor Assembly Design
  • Electronic Design Capability
  • Industrial Design Capability
  • Product Validation Lab
  • Customer Equipment Design Capability

More than just a supplier, MicroTechnologies is your partner in design improvement, cost reduction and business plan execution. When our customers release successful designs, capture market share and take down their competitors -- we succeed.

Our high levels of service, combined with the expertise of our Switching & Sensing Engineering Design Team, make MicroTechnologies the right choice. The same resources that the MicroTechnologies relies on for their precision OEM needs are available for contract production»


Stamped and Wire Brush Products

Stamped  Wire Brush Products

At the heart of our capabilities lie the ability to produce the most demanding fabricated components. Whether for our own assemblies or sold to our clients, our stamped products truly push the limits of physics. We produce millions of stampings every month to the most exacting requirements.


  • Materials: Precious, Base, and Bimetals Alloys.
  • Thickness: 0015 in to 040 in ( 0381mm To 1.016 mm.)
  • Size: <2.5 sq. in. (1612.9 sq. mm.)
  • Slot Size: 0.004 in. min (0.1016 mm.)
  • Tolerances: 0.0005 in . min. (0.0127 mm.)
  • Tip Polishing
  • Secondary Operations

  Wire Brush

  • Material: Precious & Base Metal Alloys
  • Diameter: .002 Inch to .012 Inch (0.0762 to 0.3048mm)
  • Max Wires: 60
  • Length:  up to .350 inches (6.350 mm)


Insert Molded Products

Molding panel MT

At MicroTechnologies our cost effective design solutions allow for supply of the most complex, tightly toleranced insert molded parts. Our processes include reel to reel molding and robotically loaded inserts.

  • Material: All Engineering Grade Thermoplastics.
  • Size: 4 oz. 75 Ton Press 8 oz. 200 Ton Press.
  • 0.001 in. min. (0.0254 mm.)


Machined Products

Machined Products

Our investment in state of the art automated CNC machining centers enable MicroTechnologies to produce critical components previously unavailable in the region. The quality delivered by these machining centers is unrivaled anywhere in the world and can be utilized to meet the most demanding applications.

  • CNC Milling Centers.
  • CNC Lathes
  • CNC Swiss Turn Centers
  • Wire and Conventional EDM
  • Precision Grinding Centers