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Switching & Sensing

Since our inception in 1973 we have designed, manufactured and delivered millions of MPL-branded sensing components to a variety of life critical applications with a less than 0.001% rejection rate. MicroTechnologies and its MPL brand has a long record of meeting deadlines, delivering solutions, and providing value in demanding industries worldwide.

MicroTechnologies provides supplier managed inventory and lean manufacturing solutions from our floor to your assembly line. Our goal is to be your partner in design improvement, cost reduction and business plan execution. 

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Engineered Components

We bring 40 years of experience in delivering precision components for electro-mechanical applications, designed and manufactured per your most demanding application requirements.

The company you have known as MicroContacts is now MicroTechnologies, and is still the world's leading supplier of precision components for electro-mechanical applications. Whether it is demanding components like fine stampings, multi-wire brushes, injection thermoplastic parts or insert molded or mechanically joined assemblies of these components, MicroTechnogies' unique set of capabilities make us the first choice for the world's leading OEM companies. MicroTechnologies is dedicated to providing Electro Mechanical Solutions.

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Contract Manufacturing

Our long experience in delivering precise, demanding products to the most demanding global industries has created a world class manufacturing facility. We offer the capabilities and logistics that global OEMs need to efficiently and cost-effectively produce components and sub-assemblies. Manufacturing methods include Machining, Molding, and Stamping. We work in all modes including:

  1. Client supplied equipment
  2. Client supplied materials
  3. In house material procurement
  4. Complete turn-key solutions

Tooling Specialists

MicroTechnologies excels in tooling solutions, offering the ease and security of working with a U.S. company while benefiting from the economies and logistics of our Costa Rica manufacturing facility. We specialize in:

  • Rapid, Short Run Prototypes
  • Precision High Speed, Multi-Stage Progressive Dies
  • Laminated Multi-Cavity Molds
  • Custom Assembly Tooling
  • High Speed Custom Automated Assembly Systems
  • Vision System Attribute testing with Data Recording

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Rapid Mold Repair and Maintenance

From simple repairs to complete overhauls, MicroTechnologies has the expertise and resources to quickly return your molds to production-ready status. Sometimes in less than 24 hours. We offer Preventative Maintenance Service Programs that help increase profitability by avoiding unscheduled downtime. We can ensure your molds are production-ready
and reliable.

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