MicroTechnologies creating "the best factory and the best place to work in Costa Rica"

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post-img01-165x102MicroTechnologies, Inc. announced Monday that it will invest heavily in its existing Costa Rica operations and is acquiring land in the Coyol district (near the existing MicroTechnologies plant in Heredia) to build a new, state-of-the-art facility. The company has financed and is presently acquiring a new property, where Phase One of the investment program, an initial 60,000 square foot facility, will be completed by 2013.

MicroTechnologies, known in Costa Rica as MicroTechnologies, is currently located in Global Park in Aurora de Heredia. Most MicroTechnologies customers are demanding medical, aerospace, automotive and appliance companies, located throughout North America, Europe and Asia…as well as nearby in Costa Rica. The company is recognized globally for its commitment to best-in-class principles of lean manufacturing and continuous improvement, through which the company has produced significant recent growth.

"Our collective efforts as a team resulted in our expansion to new markets, launching new products and transferring more legacy products to Costa Rica" says CEO Michael Tucci. "This aggressive growth strategy requires the immediate doubling of the company's footprint and consequently making Costa Rica our permanent home."