MicroTechnologies delivers the most demanding components to the most demanding OEMs. From its beginning fabricating precious metal stampings to the growing electronics industry in the 1960s, MicroTechnologies has grown to become an integral supplier to the automotive, medical, aerospace, and broader industrial markets. MicroTechnologies is called upon from around the globe to deliver essential components for both common and critical applications. With manufacturing centralized in Costa Rica, MicroTechnologies is strategically situated to easily support global deliveries.



MicroTechnologies supplies the automotive industry with some of their most demanding components. Over the past 40 years we have expanded our supply of similar product to serve the world over while still serving those progenitor companies.

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HVAC Sensor and Switch Components

MicroTechnologies' pressure sensors provide the necessary feedback for the electronic control system to meet the high efficiency standards, changing regulations, and strict standards for a green environment.

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Appliances/Consumer Goods

Sensor and Switch Components for Appliances and Consumer Goods

A broad range of MicroTechnologies' switches, sensors, and associated components help the manufacturers of White Goods meet performance and cost objectives in their design process.

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Sensor and Switch Components for Electronics

MicroTechnologies continues to deliver ultra-thin gauge and precious metal stampings to electronics and automotive industries as they demand smaller and more economical contact solutions for switch and sensor applications.

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Sensors and Switches for Medical Equipment

Medical Applications present unique design and performance challenges. MicroTechnologies provides high reliability, repeatability and very small package size in the pressure sensors utilized medical and life-science equipment. 

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Sensors and Switches for Military & Aerospace

Custom and contract-manufactured switches and sensors fulfill applications in commercial aviation as well as demanding defense and aerospace industries, for missile, aircraft and warship systems. 

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