Our Team


The cornerstone of the MicroTechnologies Team is our people and our workforce. With a less than 2% annual attrition rate, MicroTechnologies is able to effectively promote and implement a culture of continuous improvement centered on employee involvement. Our culture is able to thrive largely because of the quality of the workforce; their education, participation and motivation which have been the foundation for the growth of MicroTechnologies.

As with most manufacturing facilities, MicroTechnologies is readily equipped and able to handle a large variety of light assembly work. Our efficient and well-trained direct workforce is supported by a team of highly educated, motivated support staff which enables MicroTechnologies to outperform most comparable facilities. From zero clearance stamping dies to self-correcting calibration equipment, all our means of production are maintained by a local staff comprised of class "A" tool and die makers and an engineering staff that hold Masters Degrees, the benefits of education, training, and involvement become easier to realize. No tooling leaves the facility for maintenance: a rarity for off-shore manufacturing facilities.

Some key support roles our local team provides:

  • Design Engineers
  • Automation Engineers
  • Customer Service Assistance Teams
  • Production Planning
  • Toolmakers
  • Logistics Specialists

MicroTechnologies has grown from a small assembly operation into an ever expanding array of resources set on achieving manufacturing excellence. This philosophy is present in our import manifests; we do not import anything other than raw materials and pure commodities. Through a commitment to continuously train and challenge team members enables us to be self-sufficient, self reliant, and able to meet all new opportunities.